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If you have questions about specific areas of Wichita, what 1st-Time Home Buyer Programs are available, or which school district is the best fit for you, or even if you have your eye on a particular property already and would like us to look up information on that property...just ask us!  Just fill out the contact form on the right or call 316-361-6086.

The only bad question is the question that goes unasked!

What Is The Best Source For Finding A Rental Property?

So you've finally decided you are going to make that move and invest in real estate.


Now where do you start?

There are many options: You can look on Craigslist.  You can look on other websites that have people selling their homes by themselves.  There are a number of local auction companies that are auctioning off homes daily.  There are mortgage foreclosure auctions.  There are short sales.  There are REO (real estate owned) properties.  There are county tax auctions.  And then there is your more traditional avenue of just using a good ol' real estate agent...so which way is the best way to find a good deal on a rental property? 

They all have their pluses and minuses.  And every investor is different and every investor's situation is different. 

If you really want to get into this business of building residual income...you have to be up to date on every option available and then some!    You need an advantage...you need a Pro-Active, Trusted Real Estate Adviser like (Jimmy Davis) that is up to date and that can help you.

But don't let that get in the way of starting your journey to financial freedom.  You have to start somewhere, so just start, and keep in mind that the Pyramids in Egypt that are still standing today were started with just one stone...actually just one idea, and the action to execute that idea.  So quit sitting there and take action!  Right Now!  Fill out the form on the top right and begin the Journey.

Building Wealth

Are you like me and absolutely hate being an employee and making someone else richer?  Well I have a solution, but I have to warn you that this is not an overnight solution...it will take some time. 

It seems like these days you already have to be rich to buy anything that will make you rich...in other words, you have to have a lot of money to make any money.  

Or do you feel like if you start your own business that you would be better off just working for someone else because you can work less and make more money with way less overhead?

I know the feeling...

The first thing you have to do is a financial checkup!  What's this...take a look at your expenses, your bills, everything that you spend your money on.  Most of us are spending way too much and not saving anything at all...this is your first problem...no matter how much money you make save as much as you can!  I know I know you need that money to make it thru the day with food, bills, gas, etc,....This is where the financial checkup comes in...you have to find a way to lower your bills to save that money.  If you are never able to save any money then you will never build up enough money to set yourself free.  No matter how long it takes. It could be weeks, months, even years, but start doing it today!

Ok...now you have some money saved up, right?  Here's my solution:  Invest in rental properties!!!  From my experience it is the best way to build wealth!

For a whole bunch of reasons:

1. You get paid every single month your property is being rented!
2. Someone else is paying the property (loan) off for you!
3. Real Estate tends to appreciate in value!
4. You're the boss!
5. You can take a loan out and get cash out of your rental property...now you have more money to make more money! Buy more rental properties with that money!
6. You can have rental properties and keep your day job until the rental properties can pay for your current lifestyle!
7. You can hire a property manager to handle all the b.s. that goes with having a rental property for a small fee, and still make money!  Don't do it all yourself!
8. Our population is not declining so people will always need a house to live in!
9. Best of all it's passive income (which means you still get paid, and you don't have to do any work!)
10. Tax benefits...
11. You can hand down your rental properties to your kids, and then they won't have to work either!

Those are just a few of the reasons that I can think of off the top of my head, but there are many more...

I haven't reached financial freedom just yet, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I will keep blogging about building wealth and hopefully I will be able to help others in my experiences!

Sell Us Your House

We buy houses in the Wichita, Kansas area.  No matter what condition the house is in. We will buy your house As-Is, so don't worry if it needs repairs...or not.

My name is Jimmy Davis. My wife, Alisha and I buy houses throughout the Wichita Kansas metro area regardless of condition, price, or neighborhood. You won't have to worry about the time and money involved with cleaning, painting, and fixing your house just to put it on the market...hoping you will get an offer.                    

We will buy your house As-Is.

We are not house flippers.  Our goal is to buy your home fix it up and restore it to it's former glory.  Then we will rent it out providing a safe & quality home to a deserving family while Improving Communities, Families, and lives 1 Home at a time.

If a cash offer will not work, perhaps a traditional retail sale will.  My wife and I are Licensed Real Estate Agents, and work together as a Real Estate Team if you are in need of a Realtor in the Wichita Kansas area.  It's like getting 2 Agents for the price of 1.

Fill out the contact form on the right side of the page and include the address of the house along with any other questions you may have.  If you would rather talk to me in person instead of filling out a contact form please call me personally at 316-361-6086.


Do you need a Real Estate Agent in Wichita Kansas that understands the Real Estate Investor?

Improving Wichita has teamed up with ALISHA DAVIS GROUP REAL ESTATE to assist investors with buying and selling real estate investments.

Greenwood Remodel

It all starts with the purchase of a distressed property. 

Then managing a full rehab starting with the clean-out, haul off of trash, and demolition.  Next was planning the construction of the property's highest and best use.  

Then hiring contractor's and getting multiple bids from electrical to plumbing to HVAC to drywall to framing to roofing to flooring to painting to concrete...you name it...it needed it!  

Then on to marketing to screening the right tenants to signing a 12 month lease to collecting the 1st month's rents and security deposit.

Then to financing...or getting paid!  Going to the bank and pulling out the equity that WE created to have the capital to move on to the next one...to create jobs and honest incomes for everyone involved...that helped with making a difference.

Finally, to being able to look back at a project at a house that was draining on a community where drug users were hiding out with the windows boarded up which was once the darkest place on the block...is now the BRIGHTEST!  I still remember neighbors coming up to me and telling me thank you for cleaning up their neighborhood...now when I drive by to check on it and see the flowers on the side of the home I can feel better knowing the kids in the front playing basketball are in a safer place.
Replaced this entire porch

Replaced this front entry door

Stained the front porch and repainted the entire house

intalled a carport in front of the garage and beginning of the install of driveway

kitchen sink...before

kitchen sink...after

new floors, trim, electrical, drywall, and paint

replaced this entire ceiling
install tile floor in kitchen

more pictures of this remodel here