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Ash Remodel

Here are a few before pics of my newest project.  It looks to me like this one is going to be fun!  It's a 2bd/1bath single family home with a Duplex on the same lot.  The Duplex is 1bd/1bath on both units.  I finally closed on this property and we are starting our demo on it.  

I have decided to start on the duplex first and get it rented while I am working on the house.  I will post some pics when I get a little further along.
 2bdrm/1bath...right now, but I might add a room
 Duplex 1bdrm/1bath x 2
 soon to be a dream kitchen
 heck ya! extra lumber!
 always some fun stuff to take to the dump
I might just keep this pink sink...just playing

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