Jimmy's List of Smart Investments

I believe there are many investments in the market today that really are not investments at all, but more like scams to get you to spend your hard earned money, (and yes I am talking to you folks that work your ass off) just to get scammed into some so-called investment by some slick sales person, our government, and our society.  With that said I have a list of investments that I believe to be good, safe, and smart investments for almost anyone who wants to start having their money work for them... instead of working for that almighty depreciating dollar.

Here is MY list of SMART investments:
  1. Rental Properties...By far the best investment that I know of...see my article on "Building Wealth."
  2. Start a Business...follow your Dream!  Or at the very least have some kind of "side hustle" to build and grow.
  3. Write a Book...with the ability to self publish your own book and advertise it on Amazon for sale...what do you have to lose?  I'm writing my first book right now!  Who knows you might get mega-rich just by using your brain a little bit!  Imagine that!
  4. Invest In Yourself...Finally, and probably the most important investment that you can make is within yourself.  By this I mean any way that you can improve yourself either mentally or physically.  Taking a class to learn something you did not already know, or to better your understanding in a particular area to open your mind.  Or you can work on developing a positive habit in your life like working out, or meditating regularly, or even brushing your teeth before you go to bed every night.  Chances are that if you are focusing on positive habits you won't have time for your negative ones. 
I'm sure there are others out there, but these are investments that I myself practice to become a better person and to live a better life.

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