Greenwood Remodel

It all starts with the purchase of a distressed property. 

Then managing a full rehab starting with the clean-out, haul off of trash, and demolition.  Next was planning the construction of the property's highest and best use.  

Then hiring contractor's and getting multiple bids from electrical to plumbing to HVAC to drywall to framing to roofing to flooring to painting to name needed it!  

Then on to marketing to screening the right tenants to signing a 12 month lease to collecting the 1st month's rents and security deposit.

Then to financing...or getting paid!  Going to the bank and pulling out the equity that WE created to have the capital to move on to the next create jobs and honest incomes for everyone involved...that helped with making a difference.

Finally, to being able to look back at a project at a house that was draining on a community where drug users were hiding out with the windows boarded up which was once the darkest place on the now the BRIGHTEST!  I still remember neighbors coming up to me and telling me thank you for cleaning up their when I drive by to check on it and see the flowers on the side of the home I can feel better knowing the kids in the front playing basketball are in a safer place.
Replaced this entire porch

Replaced this front entry door

Stained the front porch and repainted the entire house

intalled a carport in front of the garage and beginning of the install of driveway

kitchen sink...before

kitchen sink...after

new floors, trim, electrical, drywall, and paint

replaced this entire ceiling
install tile floor in kitchen

more pictures of this remodel here

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